Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Me and my sister, with little potato girl was walking home from the park one afternoon when we passed by this small garden owned by a family living near the park. The leaves dried, and the grasses fell away. The chairs were no longer arranged the way it should be. It looks like the place was abandoned for quite a long time. Since we could not get down to take a seat on the chair, I just imagined myself sitting there, waiting.
If there is one thing that is not very outspoken about me -- it's about my love for writing, about anything that interests me. And it's been seriously a long time ago since I've written about how I feel. There are a few things in life that I tend to keep quiet about, and sometimes, I just put them into writing.
Going back to this empty chair that we passed by, all of my memories of the past came rushing back. The good things that just faded away. The hurts, the tears, and the people I have met along the way. All of them belong to the past, but were reminded to me by this chair I saw this afternoon. Maybe I and the chair have something in common.... we were left with so much memories.

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