Monday, August 26, 2013

Smell of Fading Summer Breeze
I was at our room this morning praying the rosary. I was in the middle of my meditation when suddenly, a cool  breeze started coming in. Yes, I remember I opened the window this morning when I fixed our bed (I love the view of our neighbor's garden from the window), and now, I'm loving this soft air touching my skin. And I realized summer is somehow saying goodbye to me.
I was enjoying the moment when I heard a lawn mower coming from somewhere. At first I thought it was noisy, but after a while, I smelled a crisp, fresh smell of the grass. It was wonderful. I was thinking and feeling a bit of heaven. I thanked God for giving me the chance to enjoy this day, these little things that we don't usually pay attention to. Little things that make a big difference when noticed.
Yeah, it was the smell of the fading summer breeze. The touch of an air that reminds me of how I spent my long summer days...


  1. this is really beautiful... the picture, the thoughts that go with them. thank you for sharing. it made me think of the lines a wrote a few months ago.pls check it here im sure you will enjoy.

  2. I will surely miss it.Goodbye Beautiful Summer...

  3. thank you dragon heart for the kind words, and for inviting me to poets among us. see you there.

  4. thanks for dropping by joey...summer is not over yet. there is still four days left.
    i'm happy to welcome autumn but at the same time, sad to say goodbye to summer. that's because we had a lot of good memories this year. don't you think so?